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Wreckfest’s Season Pass Is Full Of Bizarre Cars


Wreckfest is now properly released on PC and consoles after several years of development on Steam Early Access. And it’s good. The PC version got another update when the console version (released one year later) arrived that improves the UI, add new tracks, cars and also add in Steam cloud saves support.

That being said, we would like to bring to your attention to the Season Pass. Publisher THQNordic made it clear that post-launch support will be adding new cars and cosmetics. What wasn’t clear was how bizarre the selection of new cars.

The first DLC pack in the Season Pass, the Retro Rammers Car Pack adds “the world’s fastest” bumper car. In Backwoods Bangers Car Pack, Wreckfest added an outhouse on four wheels.

The most recent car pack, the Modified Monsters Car Pack, is the wildest so far. It has five cars, one is a mini race car- a go-kart-sized racer. And there’s a car that looks like a pig, with another pig at the back humping it. Yeah.

There are more regular cars too like a hot rod, a buggy, a buggy with monster truck wheels, and a classic stock car with a tall spoiler and an oversized engine that would fit in place as a diecast toy car.

Wreckfest has released five out of eight promised DLC packs for the Season Pass (the other two packs are just cosmetic parts). And if you are a fan odd bizarre cars to punt and crash to other cars, the season pass might be worth it, just for the novelty.

The base game already has a bunch of bizarre car selections, like a lawnmower, a combine harvester and a sofa car (which is, even more bizarre, an actual thing). It’s good to see Bugbear doing their best with more of these.

Wreckfest is out now on PS4, PC (Steam) and Xbox One.