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Wreckfest Finally Gets A Publisher And A Release Window


Remember Bugbear Entertainment’s Next Car Game that is now called Wreckfest? This racing game is the closest we will get to a new Destruction Derby game from the developers of the original two Flatout games.

Despite being a Kickstarter, then an Early Access title, Wreckfest have became really quiet in the recent months. Thankfully, THQNordic comes in to support the game’s development to a full retail release and will add more features which includes a career mode, car customisation, more cars and tracks and a dedicated server for multiplayer action.

Take a look below:

If all the upcoming sim-racers releasing this year isn’t up to your taste, here’s a possibly solid alternative with really good crashes and damage model.

Wreckfest will launch on PC first by this year, with a console release in 2018.