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World Cup Update coming to FIFA 18 in June

Football Fever kicking in.


EA Sports has announced that a World Cup update for FIFA 18 is coming for free to owners of the current gen version (PS4,Xbox One, Switch and PC),which will see players getting all the official stadiums, kits, badges and also national team banners for the upcoming tournament,rendered in DICE’s Frostbite Engine (which has been the case since FIFA 16).

But the thing that is exciting for long-time FIFA fans is probably the inclusion of all the official players and national teams in FIFA Ultimate Team, the game’s multiplayer component.

Build your dream international squad with stars from all 32 qualified nations with dynamic player items related to the real-world tournament, plus legendary FIFA World Cup™ ICONS”  says the EA website and we’ll probably see more legendary players on the esports tourneys in the future.

So what do you guys think about this new update for FIFA 18? Will we see the end of yearly releases if this is popular? Let us know down in the comments. You can also view the update trailer here!