Wonder Woman Now Available On Arena Of Valor’s Valiant Server

Gain this free hero by completing daily quests

Arena Of Valor is the localised version of Tencent’s Honor Of Kings, the hit mobile MOBA, for the international audience. One of the biggest differentiators is the cast of heroes, which also includes licensed characters from the DC universe. We had the Joker, Batman and Superman already available in the Valiant (Malaysia, Singapore, The Philippines) server, published here by Garena.

Now it’s time for Wonder Woman to join the party.

Wonder Woman will be available to keep permanently as part of QuestMania, an in-game event starting July 26th to August 1st. Players are required to collect 8 of the Wonder Woman Treasure Items and that can be done by doing daily quests which includes:

  • Log in to Garena AOV
  • Play at least 1 Casual or Ranked Game
  • Obtain winning MVP in a Casual or Ranked Game
  • Get at least 5 kills or assists in a Normal or Ranked Game

Special skins for characters and a permanent character unlock is also available during the event. Check the site here to see your progress and find more details of the QuestMania event.

In addition, Wonder Woman can also be outright bought should you wish to skip the grind.

Arena Of Valor is now available on iOS and Android.

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