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We Talked About Crowdfunding, #Healthygaming, And A Very Important Luigi News In The Latest Episode Of dia.log



dia.log: The Gamer Matters Podcast is now a fortnightly show! Our second episode had a technical mishap, which will be apparent at the start but the train of interesting and ludicrous topics we discussed continues to not be stopping.

In episode two, join the Gamer Matters writers Wam, Danial (Flaky) and Anan together with the host, yours truly, as we discussed the news that happened two weeks prior. We scrutinised the crowdfunding campaign launched by gaming studio franchise/esports organisation Kitamen, opened the topic of how we have gaming benefited us positively as a support for #healthygaming, and a breakdown of what made Into The Breach so good.

You can also expect the usual Overwatch League updates (alongside another “FGC is wrestling” segment), our thoughts on the new God Of War, and a very important Luigi news. Also, some vague talks about the now-lost recording of Warhammer 40K maid cafes.

You can have a listen here from our Youtube channel.

Here’s timestamps for the YouTube version:

0:35  Kitamen Crowdfunding Campaign
13:50  #healthygaming, how video games helped us in real life
24:35  How is PUBG Mobile?
36:40  Cancelled MOBA Paragon assets are now free
40:20  Into The Breach
58:24 Wam’s Warhammer 40K corner

1:03:00 Ryzen 2 coming soon
1:08:07 Yakuza 6 only delayed in US and Europe, Yakuza Kiwami 2 in English announcement
1:13:04 New God Of War gameplay details impressions
1:20:20 VERY IMPORTANT Luigi news
1:26:38 Shadow Of The Tomb Raider announced, though it got leaked way too many times
1:33:30 Ouya investment talks
1:38:10 Valve making games again!
1:42:45 Blizzard’s curiously strict “iron grip” on Overwatch League
1:52:10 The “FGC is wrestling” news pileup

If you prefer your podcasts in audio only, here it is on Anchor.

dia.log is also now available on iTunes and Pocket Casts.

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