Valve Introduces Game Rating System For Compatibility On Steam Deck

Valve will be making it easier to identify what games on Steam will work on its new Steam Deck handheld PC.

The rating system will show at a glance if a Steam game is fully compatible with the Steam Deck and passes all of Valve’s review (Verified), requiring some extra adjustments from the user to be working on the Deck (playable), straight out incompatible (unsupported), or have not gone through the review (unknown).

What makes a game Deck Verified, according to Valve, are four main features. It has full controller support and can bring the on-screen keyboard when it’s needed, supports Steam Deck’s default resolution (720p or 1280×800) with legible text, issues no compatibility warnings and lets you use the controller on the launcher, and also can run on Proton- which includes anti-cheat services.

Steam Deck runs on SteamOS (a Linux-based OS) and uses Proton as a compatibility layer. More recently, various anti-cheat services have added support for Proton.

You can also check for each game’s compatibility details. In the case of playable games, you can see which parts will require some extra work on your end to get the game running- Team Fortress 2 is missing baked-in controller support for example.

It will also tell you why a game is deemed unplayable. Half-Life: Alyx is marked unplayable because it’s a VR game, which requires a VR headset, for example.

The Steam Store when navigated on the Deck will also have a “Great On Deck” tag, highlighting games that are Deck verified.

More games are currently being reviewed for Steam Deck compatibility, and games can change ratings over time.

Valve is ensuring the Steam Deck is fool-proof for most players with this move. And it’s a welcomed one.

The Steam Deck will start shipping later this year for the US, Canada, EU and UK, with availability on more regions (fingers crossed Asia gets one too) is coming in 2022.

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