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Valve Introduces Dota Plus, A Subscription Service That Replaces Battle Passes

More cosmetics, and a new Dota Assistant


In conjuction with the many Dota 2 Majors, including The International, Valve usually make Battle Passes and compediums available. An optional micro-transaction, Battle Passes includes a variety of cosmetics which requires buyers to play more Dota to further unlock them. It is quite popular, and thanks to each purchase contributing to the prize pool, makes all of the biggest Dota 2 tournaments being the most lucrative in esports.

Valve billed Dota Plus as an evolution to the Battle Pass, and its main features this time is not just cosmetics, but also a detailed analysis on how to improve your playing ability. There’s now a hero leveling progression that can unlock Reward Shards, hero specific challenges, achievements, specific voice lines usage through the hero chat wheel, and weekly rewards. Reward Shards can be used to buy Plus-exclusive cosmetics or legacy cosmetics.

Interestingly, Dota Plus adds more helps and hints by providing items suggestions, ability suggestions and even hero suggestions. A death summary that details how you died, lane startegy that helps coordinate your team to a certain degree and a post-game breakdown is available for Dota Plus subscribers.

This sounds all fine and dandy, but you will need to be willing cough out $3.99 USD a month, with an option to buy a six-month or a twelve-month subscription for cheaper.

The Dota assistant features that provides hints and tips feel more like something that should be in the game for free rather than for the hardcore players, as the game’s tutorials are still lacking when it comes to help new players play Dota like everyone else is.

Based on the current reception, it’s fairly mixed. On one hand it’s cheaper in the long run. But the Dota Assistant features feels odd to put behind a paywall.

Dota Plus is yet to be live at the time of writing.