Use Guns and Bombs To Kill A Spider In Kill It With Fire, Demo Now Available

Do you hate spiders? Do you like killing them for some reason? Now here’s a game for you.

Kill It Fire has you kill a spider, by any means necessary. And not necesarily with fire. Find them by searching every part of the house, including opening cabinets and drawers. And once you find the critter, you have an arsenal of weaponry to take it down. Revolver. Ninja stars. Bombs. Flamethrowers. To name a few. If the house ended up destroyed or burned, so be it.

Kill It With Fire also has a playable demo, which you can try out here. This should give you a good, 30-minute slice of what the game is about. It’s one of the games where physics (includes fire physics) and utter destruction is part of the appeal, alongside killing spiders, of course.

Or, you can watch a gameplay video showing of the playable demo here:

Kill It With Fire will be out on PC (Steam) sometime this summer (this August, the latest).

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