Upcoming Space RPG Death Trash Announces Console Release Plans, Self Publishes

The developer of upcoming space RPG Death Trash announced the games arrival on Early Access in a tweet today, along with console release plans.

While a full release of the game has not been announced, PC fans will get to try the game as it hits Steam Early Access “Early 2020”.

The sole developer of the game, Stephan Hövelbricks,  announced that he would also be self-publishing the game rather than work with a publisher.

In a blog post, he attributed his decision to wanting to allow the project to move at the pace he wanted.

“ I came back to a feeling I had in the beginning of the project:

Wanting to build something from the ground up, stay independent, work at my own pace, create an experience that’s worth to be remembered, be open through its development and listen to feedback so it becomes the best it can be”.

As for the game’s full launch plans, the developers have already outlined the game’s release platforms.

The completed Death Trash will be available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and other non-Steam storefronts for PC.

While no concrete dates were mentioned for the 1.0 release of the game, the developer had this to say:

”[It will be done] When it’s done. I expect the Early Access to last about a year, but iterating on systems and incorporating feedback might take more time than that”.

Death Trash is a space-based RPG, promising both cosmic horrors and space punks.

It is being developed by Stephan Hövelbricks, and features a sprite-based art style as well as a world with multiple locations to explore.

Source Death Trash Blog

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