Upcoming Forza Horizon 5 Update Adding 27 New Rims, Including Rotiform AeroDiscs

A new update for Forza Horizon 5 should be available sometime today June 20, ahead of the new series, Series 22, called Upgrade Heroes.

The update will see the inclusion of 27 new rims to customise your car with, across three manufacturer brands: Modulare, Fikse, and Rotiform.

On the Forza Horizon 5 Let’s ¡Go! stream previewing the update, we got to see the new Rotiform Aerodiscs. Instead of sporting spokes, it’s just a blank circular shape. The ones included in Forza Horizon 5 include a selection of Rotiform-created graphics, but the real-life version of the sport rim is just blanked, where you are free to either use any of their designs available on the site or make your own to print and stick to these rims.

The full list of new wheels available in the Forza Horizon 5 Series 22 update is as follows:

  • Modulare B15 Evo
  • Modulare B30
  • Modulare B37
  • Modulare B38
  • Modulare B9
  • Modulare D15
  • Modulare D18
  • Modulare D30
  • Modulare D31
  • Modulare D32
  • Modulare D35
  • Modulare D37
  • Modulare D9
  • Modulare M19
  • Modulare S9
  • Fikse 802
  • Fikse FC305
  • Fikse FC307
  • Fikse Profil 10
  • Rotiform AeroDisc ‘TightMesh’
  • Rotiform AeroDisc ‘Digi Camo’
  • Rotiform AeroDisc ‘The Void’
  • Rotiform AeroDisc ‘Checkered’
  • Rotiform AeroDisc ‘Splash’
  • Rotiform AeroDisc ‘Branded’
  • Rotiform AeroDisc ‘Donuts’
  • Rotiform AeroDisc ‘Dino Nugs’

Source: Forza

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