Upcoming Big Games Of 2023 Are Bumping Up PC Minimum Specs

Three upcoming game releases of 2023 on PC have revealed their minimum specs requirement. And it looks like the bar has been increased.

The upcoming Dead Space remake, Forspoken, Hogwarts Legacy and the PC port of Returnal all require the PC to have at least 16GB of RAM.

Previously, having 8GB of RAM is the standard minimum to run AAA big-budget games on PC.

And it’s not really just a next-gen game requirement either. The three games mentioned here are not on PS4 or Xbox One, but games that announced PC specs requirement last year that are next-gen-only on consoles, like Need For Speed Unbound and the further-delayed Skull And Bones, maintained only an 8GB RAM minimum.

It’s an interesting observation, and at least RAM is easy enough to upgrade, even for laptops that generally cannot upgrade their specs due to the CPU and GPU being soldered directly on the motherboard.

But if you are planning to play the latest games on PC, it might be time to check if your rig (or laptop) can still handle them, and consider upgrading if needed.

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