Ultrakill Is Doom Meets Devil May Cry, Out Now On Steam Early Access

Classic ’90s FPS from the likes of Doom, Quake and its modern equivalents are fast, bloody and relentless. And one might argue it scratch that same itch as character action games like Devil May Cry.

This is where Ultrakill comes in. It’s a retro FPS inspired by the likes of Doom and Doom (2016), but also takes a page on character action games like the Devil May Cry series.

Ever want to mow down hordes of enemies with the boomstick and score sick SSStyle while doing so? Ultrakill does just that- you build a style meter that goes from D to SSS (like Devil May Cry) but with one more rank after that: Ultrakill.

Published by New Blood Interactive, purveyors of classic retro FPS games these days, Ultrakill is made by a one-person Arsi “Hakita” Patala. The game is out now on PC via Steam Early Access. There is a demo too if you need to see if “Devil May Quake” is something worth your time and money.

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