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Two Years Later, Winners Of AGES 2016 Are Still Not Paid, Main Sponsor Now Under Liquidation

The header image didn't age well, huh


AGES 2016 was one of the first events Gamer Matters, when we were still called Gamer Malaya English, we covered. It was fantastic from a spectator point of view. However, the winners of this event which also had international participants from Southeast Asia, has yet to received their promised compensation, a prize pool worth RM1,000,000.

Last year, the issue was brought up which promoted main sponsor, Platinum Eden Sdn Bhd, to respond  ensuring the payments will be done. And it was radio silence since then.

IGN SEA has reported that the main sponsor, Platinum Eden Sdn Bhd, is now under liquidation, which means that the company has incurred. This has started in September of 2017. The liquidation has now made the process for the winners to claim their rightful earnings even more complicated.

IGN SEA’s report also reached out to a lawyer explaining what and how liquidation works, which you can find here.

AGES 2016 made the bold claim to have the “record-breaking” prize pool of RM1,000,000. Since then, other esports organisers are now making payment of prize pools a talking point instead of the prize pool size. This year, YB Dato’ Armand Azha Hj Abu Hanifah who championed Malaysia Cyber Games 2018 boasted that players will be compensated right after the tournament. Not exactly true, but all winners received their winning prizes not long after. They did a prize-giving ceremony and a cheeky post about it too.

Source: IGN SEA