“Twin Classes” Maegu And Woosa Arrive In Black Desert, Black Desert Mobile

Twins for the win. Pearl Abyss has released its first “twin-classes” for Black Desert SEA and Black Desert Mobile.

Twins here being the characters are lore-wise twins. Though only one is for the PC/console title and the other is only for mobile, for now.

The idea here is each platform gets a different twin first, and in a later update in January 2023, the other twin will join them.

Despite being twins, the two have different movesets.

Younger twin Woosa is available in Black Desert. She hails from “the Land of the Morning Light”, a new region coming soon to the game inspired by the Joseon Dynasty. Which explains the traditional Korean garb she and her sister appear in official promo images.

Woosa fights with the Swallowtail Fan, operating at mid and close-range. She also makes use of Do arts and martial techniques.

Older twin Maegu is available in Black Desert Mobile. Using the Foxspirit Charm, she operates at range to summon mystic powers and fox spirits.

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