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Try To Kill Sean Bean In Hitman 2’s First Elusive Target And Get An Exclusive Weapon


Hitman 2 is starting strong with its first Elusive Target. These are limited-time events that tasks you on eliminating new characters in the existing maps, some with extra gimmicks than others. The catch, you only have one shot to cleanly assassinate and escape in order to complete the mission.

The first of which that will appear right after Hitman 2’s launch is Mark Faba, an MI5 agent dubbed “The Undying” with a reputation of faking many deaths. For our purposes, it’s literally just Sean Bean playing a character and playing on his reputation for dying in many forms of media he appeared on.

A poll was done when Sean Bean was first unveiled to determine a unique, unlockable weapon. The results are in and  earning 42% of the total votes, the winner is the Explosive Pen. The weapon can be concealed and packs a wallop, enough to bounce dead bodies around.

You can earn the Explosive Pen permanently by attempting the Elusive Target. Whether or not Sean Bean is dead, you will keep it forever. The other two weapons that did not make the cut, flash grenade dressed in a toy robot, earphones acting as concealable garrote strings, will appear in the Elusive Target mission for one-time only alongside the Explosive Pen, should you want to use them to take down Sean Bean.

The Undying Elusive Target will start on November 20th and lasts until December 4th. So technically, this is an early adopter bonus item like you see in many AAA games today.

Hitman 2 will blow its cover and be available for purchase on November 13th for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Source: IO Interactive