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Try Out Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s Open Beta, Available Until January 21


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Square Enix’s the latest of its brawler series now has an open beta for everyone to try out. It begins today and shall last until January 21.

The open beta should give you a glimpse of what the final product will shape up to be, since it it will be releasing this month. Alongside the expected online multiplayer, it also features a tutorial mode to grasp many of its systems, a new game mode called core battles, a peak into the story mode which features cutscenes and some battles, and an endless VS AI mode called Gauntlet Mode.

The character roster will switch up throughout the beta period, featuring the mainline cast- the leading heroes of each number Final Fantasy, as appeared in the original arcade version, plus new additions like Jecht.

You can download the beta client here.

We played a bit of Dissidia back in PSX SEA 2017 as well as the closed beta, and suffice to say it has come a long way. With a proper tutorial and an improved interface, this should make it easier for newcomers to the series to jump in. We also have five tips for you to get started.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be out on 30th January exclusively on the PS4