Trials Of Mana Gets New Difficulty In New Update, Also On Sale

Trials Of Mana has received an update today. This is geared for players who’ve finished the game and want more challenge.

There is now a “No Future” difficulty. Enemies and bosses are stronger, abilities and item use are restricted, and on boss battles, there’s a time limit. To compensate, you can also find stronger versions of gear as well as execute new chain abilities. Beating the game in this difficulty rewards you with Rabite Slippers, which makes you have no enemy encounter when equipped.

For New Game+, you can now set the difficulty to Expert. And also, you can choose to not carry over levels- resetting them all back to level 1- on a new New Game+ save. Unlocked costumes can still be accessed when doing so.

The update also brings additional bug fixes and more goddess statues (checkpoints) placed around the world.

If you haven’t picked up Trials Of Mana yet, it’s now on sale right now on PS Store Asia and Steam at 30% off. Secret Of Mana is also on sale at 50% off on PS Store Asia and Steam. The sale ends on November 2, and is to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the original Trials Of Mana- Seiken Densetsu 3.

Trials Of Mana still has a demo up that lets you transfer your save to the full version.

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