Trackmania Spring 2023 Update Arrives In April

Trackmania, or technically Trackmania (2020) the remake of Trackmania Nations, will start the Spring 2023 season on April 1.

The new season will see a new official campaign added to the free-to-play time-trialling racing game, which includes 25 new tracks and 100 medals to earn.

The update also adds a new seasonal Prestige skin for your car. It’s an evolutive skin in that it changes based on how many campaign and Track Of The Day medals you can rack up throughout the season.

The new update also brings a new club creation UI, a new reporting tool, the ability to choose driver morphology in the garage and of course, 150+ new blocks for the track editor to make crazier tracks, as you would expect from the game title.

Trackmania is out now on PC and is coming to consoles soon.

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