Trackmania (2020) Heads To Consoles In 2023

Ubisoft and Nadeo’s new Trackmania, simply titled Trackmania, will be heading to consoles next year.

The time-trial-based, speedrunning-friendly, esports-ready, pure arcade racing game will support cross-play and cross-progression, and all “official racing content” will have parity across all platforms.

The new Trackmania, first launched in 2020, lets player race on wild tracks created by the developers and the players. It’s a fun time, but its pricing model locks community features like clubs, shared car liveries, private rooms and custom campaigns and competition under a subscription model. The two premium access plans will also be available on consoles.

Trackmania manics can also expect a new feature: car skins that can evolve to show off your driving skills and achievements. Also, more than 150 new blocks and items will be added to make crazier tracks.

Trackmania (2020) will launch on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in early 2023.

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