Trackmania (2020) Enters Fall 2021 Season With New Campaign Tracks, Track Blocks And More

Ubisoft Nadeo’s Trackmania has entered the fall season, which sees a new set of 25 tracks is now available in the free-to-play racing game’s campaign.

Players can also expect some autumnal ambience to the tracks, with new fall trees being added. Also, following last summer’s update which introduces water physics, expect to still see water being utilised in the new tracks. You can also use them in your own track creations as well.

Those who have Standard and Club access subscriptions will still have access to all of past campaign tracks. There have now been five past seasons, so a total of 125 tracks are now in the backlog.

The Fall Season for the Trackmania Grand League, that’s the game’s esports league, will also start on October 17, with three different formats of competition.

Trackmania (2020) is out now on PC on the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store.

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