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Total War: Three Kingdoms Announced, Coming In Late 2018

"Romance Of The Three Kingdoms" is already taken


The Total War series is renowned for its massive, epic battles where you direct thousands of troops in large-scale battles, as well as some turn-based meta-game thrown in on the top.

Developers Creative Assembly has tackled various eras and settings throughout the years: Ancient Rome, Medieval Europe and the Japan Shogunate are some of the series high points.

After working two years straight on two Total War: Warhammer games, based on the Games Workshop IP, the series is now ready to explore another new era: Ancient China.

Total War: Three Kingdoms will explore the era beginning in 190 CE right after the Han dynasty. As three brothers in an uneasy alliance topple the warlord Dong Zhou, things get really bloody from there.

In an FAQ post, Creative Assembly is billing Total War: Three Kingdoms to be its next flagship game, promising a huge campaign map to suit the era plus mod support. No other concrete details were shared just yet outside of its Autumn 2018 launch window on PC.