There’s A New Subway Surfers Game, And It’s Exclusive To Snapchat

Remember Subway Surfers, the popular endless runner on mobile? Looks like it’s getting a new entry, but for Snapchat.

Subway Surfers Airtime is the first sequel to the original game. But it looks and plays nothing like it. Instead of a from-the-back perspective, 3D endless runner Subway Surfers Airtime is a side-scrolling multiplayer racer, in 2D. And the characters are all cute-looking minifig form- that sort of look like stickers.

There will be a quick play and a mode to challenge your friends. If you are in a group chat on Snapchat, you can immediately invite them for a round or two via the rocket icon, which will launch Snap Games.

Snap Games is a service within the Snapchat messaging app that lets users play multiplayer games. It has a small but growing library, and surely, getting publishers SYBO and developers Kiloo to bring a well-known mobile game IP is a big get for Snap Inc.

Subway Surfers Airtime will be rolling out worldwide starting today.

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