The Training For The World’s Fastest Gamer Is Certainly Intense

McLaren’s first attempt of esports is an interesting one. Rather than build a competition just to see the fastest gamer, they are going to recruit the winner as the F1 team’s simulator driver.

The shortlisted 12 players, six hand-picked by a panel while others went through the many different qualifiers, are subject to intense training, in order to prepare them for the full-blown simulator used to relay feedback to the F1 team and support their raceday efforts, including an 8-hour work schedule doing laps all day in the simulator.

This video by WTF1 takes a look at how the training goes, and what it takes for these gamers to not only be worthy of the World’s Fastest Gamer title, but also the best candidate for McLaren’s new simulator driver. The latter require a few more criteria other than just being fast.

The shortlist of 12 finalists have been dwindled down over the week, with a winner to be crowned soon.

Image header by McLaren


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