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The Remake Of Trials Of Mana Lets You Play Your Companions’ Origin Story (Or Skip It)


Trials Of Mana is getting a remake. And if you are wondering if you’ve never heard of the game before, this is the actually Seiken Densetsu 3, the one Mana game that never got released outside of Japan until this year. Or unofficially called Secret Of Mana 2 by fan translations.

Square Enix has revealed a few new tidbits of information regarding this remake of the action-JRPG.

Trials Of Mana will retain its unique six-character setup where you pick one to start and another two as your companions. You will start with your selected character’s origin story and then progress to find your selected companions on your journey. Think of it as a proto-Octopath Traveller, sort of.

The one cool new feature for the remake is the ability to play the origin story of your companions as a flashback once meeting them. No need to pick each of them at the start to see their unique origin story no more.

But you can also opt to skip it, which leads to the character explaining in brief what they went through.

Trials Of Mana will still have the class switching, where each of the six characters can evolve into different classes unique to them. But like the original game, there are choices to make- two different choices for Class 2, and four for Class 3. Since the game will have full 3D combat compared to the original’s 2D, each classes’ abilities will be tweaked to fit the new system.

Finally, dungeons will have some obstacles with light puzzle solving. This includes lava pools, fire walls, and strong wind where you need to find a pedestal to switch

Trials Of Mana will be out on PS4, PC (Steam) and Switch on April 24th, 2020.