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The Playstation 5 Will Launch In Holiday 2020, Controller Features Haptic Feedback


It’s real. And it’s official. On the Playstation Blog, the next-gen Sony console is, unsurprising, called the Playstation 5. And it will be out by the end of 2020.

The PS5 will be powered by AMD, its CPU based on Ryzen with the GPU based on Navi. It will have SSD storage by default. These two we know already. But Sony, through an article by Wired, trickled in some new tidbits on the new controller.

The new PS5 controller will ditch the classic rumble feature for a more nuance haptic feedback. So it’s not just the same sort of vibration you get in previous Dualshock controllers. Also, the L2 and R2 triggers are now “adaptive triggers”, where you can sense the tension of the trigger based on the game. So, pulling back an arrow when using a bow will feel different to firing a machine gun- the trigger can have different levels of tension. This should give the next-gen console a new hands-on experience than before.

The Wired article also confirms a few interesting tidbits:

  • Ray-tracing is done through the GPU
  • PS5 Blu-Ray discs are now 100GB in capacity instead of 50GB on PS4
  • Games can be split into various installs, so you can just install, say, the multiplayer mode, or remove the single-player mode to make space for new games. Game installs are mandatory
  • A new “real-time” UI that can show what multiplayer game modes/single-player campaign missions are available without even booting the game up
  • Bluepoint Games, that recently made the excellent Shadow Of The Colossus remake/remaster, has “something big” in the works, presumably a new title for PS5
  • The controller uses a USB Type-C port
  • Gran Turismo Sport and Astro Bot Rescue Mission were demoed. The latter is interesting because it’s a VR title

No images for the PS5 just yet, but let’s be glad the name is now official. We will definitely hear more about it as Holiday 2020 looms ever closer.