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The New Wet Weather Conditions In Gran Turismo Sport Made For Some Spectacular Racing


With the recent GT World Tour stop at the Nurburgring last weekend, Gran Turismo was not making it a secret anymore that we saw some big new content coming soon to Gran Turismo Sport.

As always, the participants of the GT World Tour- part of the FIA certified Gran Turismo Championships (i.e. the official esports championship for the game) get to play on a different build of Gran Turismo Sport. Not only did we see new cars, but there are also three new track layouts and also a long-coming new feature: rain. Or at least a wet track.

Ahead of the Nations Cup championship where players are fighting for themselves and their country’s glory, a video of a qualifying session was released. This shows off the pole sitter Coque Lopez’s lap around a rather wet Red Bull Ring.

As you can see, the top drivers are still struggling to make a clean lap, with a few cars spinning due to lack of grip.

In the full event of the Nations Cup, which was livestreamed, the wet Red Bull Ring is the scene for the Repechage race. This is essentially the last-chance qualifiers where the top four will make up the final grid spots for the final race.

It seems like a trend for the GT World Tour this year to make the repechage races extra spicy. In the Paris event months back, the repechage race saw these players compete in a rally track with Gr. B cars- a combination rarely seen in competition racing.

The racing in the repechage round was close. There were many overtaking attempts, with mixed results mostly due to the racers misjudging their braking line in the wet.

While there were a few penalties being dished out, these guys are racing hard and fair. At one point, the pack was going four-wide- that’s four cars side-by-side, into a corner, all vying for positions and all made out alive. It’s what you expect to see when these guys only have one last race to make it to the grand finals. A lot is at stake, and they were not holding back.

Plus, the unpredictability of the race-  makes for a spectacular watch. Even more exciting than some other real-life motorsport racing.

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There are two different wet weather conditions for the Red Bull Ring- heavy rain at 10.45AM (as seen in the qualifying video) and light rain at 5.30PM. The difference here is only visuals, both wet conditions should have the same physics applied. GT Sport only has fixed time conditions

As for the new wet weather, it looks amazing. The puddles have reflection and you can see tyre mark lines as cars trudge through them.

But Gran Turismo Sport is not built with dynamic time and weather in mind, a sticking point in our original review. It’s a shame, since every other big sim racers have adopted dynamic time and weather. We might only see only one track having the wet weather conditions added in the next content update.

Still, it may be two years after the original release, but wet weather in Gran Turismo Sport is certainly a nice, and much-needed, new addition.