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The First Abandoned Car In Need For Speed Payback, The Mazda RX-7, Is Now Available


Need For Speed Payback just got an update with some new content. Most of it is locked behind paid DLC, which adds two new cars, a new Speedcross class and 16 new events. As for free content, you can now get the Mazda RX-7. But first, you have to find it.

Oddly enough, the game will tell you to check the Need For Speed Twitter page to find the clues on where to find the RX-7, no in-game hints. Here’s the tweet that should lead you to the car.

Or if you are looking for the exact location, here it is. It’s by the gas station at the northeast section of the map, above Silver Canyon.

Just survive the cop chase and you will get the race class version of the car, as well as the option to buy it again at the car dealers. The RX-7 is available for a limited time, albeit a long timer. It will last until sometime until May 22 next year.

The update also adds new visual customisation for various BMW cars and a long list of bug fixes, though a few of them are unfortunately glaring typos. You can read the patch notes here.

UPDATE 6/2/2018: The RX-7 is available again for a limited time, as confirmed by this tweet.