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The Division’s New Survival DLC Is Finally Ready


The Division had a roadmap  for DLC rollout, but that had to stop to make way for the 1.4 update that addresses many problems of the game. Now with that released, we return to the scheduled program of DLCs, the content Season Pass owners paid for.

The Survival DLC is an all new mode where you will be dumped into the outskirts of the map, gearless and now you have an illness. 24 players will be put in this situation and you’ll need to find your way to the center of the map while fending off the elements. Food and medicine is something you need to take attention in this mode, and you’ll need to use whatever gear that drops to your advantage.

Survival can both be played in PvE and PvP setting, the former disables friendly fire and everyone is just facing the enemies, while PvP is as it states there, you have to contend to human players as well.

Check out the trailer below:

The Survival DLC should be out on Xbox One and PC now, with the PS4 version coming by next month. There’s also a free update for every player, update 1.5 that increases gear score cap, a new world tier and new named gear and weapons.