The Developers Of The Order 1886 Are Now Making A Multiplayer VR Game, Echo Arena

After the tepid reception of The Order 1886, developers Ready At Dawn pivoted hard and has started making multiplayer games. Their latest creation is a multiplayer VR game. Called Echo Arena, it’s a sports game where 10 players of two teams pass and shoot discs into the opponents’ goal while floating in zero gravity around the.. Echo Arena.

Intel in particular is pushing the multiplayer component for esports. As such, they are sponsoring early copies of Echo Arena for owners of the Oculus Rift. It’s free.


Echo Arena is the multiplayer suite for the VR game Lone Echo. Lone Echo features a single-player campaign that revolves around navigating in zero gravity, a perfect workaround to make players move in VR without using teleports or jarring button presses.

During the PC Gaming Show presentation, the team explained that they worked on game mechanics first and build a game around that- clearly a message that they took feedback from what happened with The Order, which is good to hear.

Lone Echo and Echo Arena will be released on July 20 for the Oculus Rift VR headset.


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