The Crew Motorfest Year 2 Sees An Addition Of An New Island And The Chase Squad

In a presentation during the recent Ubisoft Forward, Ivory Tower took to the stage to showcase their Year 2 stuff which includes an Island expansion for the game and the upcoming Season 5 content that includes their latest variants of pursuit vehicles.

In November, they will be added the island of Maui as a free update, which includes 345km of total road network to the game, with 229km of that being asphalt and 190km of dirt roads, and that will also include the second volume playlist for their “Made in Japan” content within the new island.

This will also coincide with their first paid DLC in the form of “The Chase Squad”. This sees players taking down street-racers in a new event that’s includes another new Ivory Tower car and the 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse as the chasing car. The Chase and Takedown events were part of the 2nd game during it’s lifecycle, so a return is welcome, albeit in a more pricier way.

All of this is part of Season 5 that’s coming in November, while the Season 4 will kickoff on July 3.

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