The Cancelled Prey 2 Game Had An Awesome Plot Twist

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The Cancelled Prey 2 Game Had An Awesome Plot Twist

Prey is now out on consoles and PC, and Arkane’s take at an immersive sim in the veins of System Shock and Deus Ex has been pretty well accepted. But more tidbits of the cancelled Prey 2, the sequel by the original Prey game’s developers Human Head have come out of the woodwork. The folks at Eurogamer have gathered some interesting info from their various sources as well as by speaking to the individuals heavily involved with the game that unfortunately got cancelled.

Since the game will never be coming out, might as well we get spoiled of its incredible plot twist, right?

To the uninitiated, Prey 2 would have been a sequel with an entirely different mechanic and setting. The first game is about exploring an alien ship with portals that makes the environment twist in unusual ways as a Native American with supernatural powers. In Prey 2, you play as a bounty hunter and seemingly, the lone human in an open world, seedy alien city. The main gameplay was all about taking your own approach to take down a bounty- capture them alive or kill them, or maybe take an even better offer from them and kill the one who issued the bounty.

As the game comes to its conclusion, there is one plot twist that sounds pretty slick, which involves justifying a respawn system and could possibly tie into new game+, all within the game’s plot itself. Hint: it involves clones. Check out the video below:

Aside from the plot twist, Eurogamer mentioned a few more details about the Prey 2 game that, would it have been released last generation, could have been at least a decent open world game about being a bounty hunter. It’s even more unfortunate that another game about being a bounty hunter, Star Wars 1313, was also fated for cancellation around the same time as Prey 2 got the axe.

At least for Prey 2, the name lives on, though as a different game altogether.

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