The BMW M3 E30 Is Available In Need For Speed Payback For A Limited Time

M Power

Another new abandoned car is available in Need For Speed Payback and like the three cars before it, will need to be found somewhere in the map. If you have the game right now, go look for it now as it is a limited-time event, though it will reappear sometime in the future.

But why wait for the future when you can get a free car this easy?

Really, this one, for the BMW M3 E30 is by far the easiest to find. This is the hint from Need For Speed’s official Twitter:

The Star in question is a fast food joint, located right in front of the Garage in the Braxton area. Here’s some images to guide you.

After that, all you need to do is survive the cop chase and you’ll unlock the M3 for future purchases and also score yourself a new Race class car.


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