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The Acer Predator BFGD Is A Big 65-inch 4K Gaming Display With An Nvidia Shield Inside

The "F" Stands For "Format"


At CES 2018, Acer unveiled a new gaming display for its high-end Predator line. Notice it’s not called a monitor, because this is one has 65 inches of display size, as big as a living room TV.

Dubbed the Predator BFGD (Big Format Gaming Display), it has Nvidia’s G-Sync, HDR, 120Hz refersh rate at 4K resolution with 1,000 nits of luminescence. Not only that, it also has an Nvidia Shield built-in. That means that the BFGD doubles as a smart TV (it can be operated by voice thanks to Google Assistant) and can play supported Android games on its own with a bundled remote and game controller.

This is the just overpowered for a gaming monitor, which reminded us to Doom’s trademark weapon, the BFG. Acer has not mentioned a price or a release window just yet, but you can bet for sure this will be a premium product.