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The 2019 Steam Summer Sales Has Arrived

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, and grab your wallets


The Steam Summer Sale has kicked off. As usual, the many games on the platform are now having some deep, deep discounts so this is the best time to buy some games on your wishlist.

There is a daily featured games tab that highlights good games to get, or you can browse the store according to various genres.

For this year, there is a new event called the Steam Grand Prix. Join a team, and you can participate for rewards, including up to three gifts of games from their wishlist.

Just like the Lunar New Year Sale, there are incentives for taking part in the sale by buying new games- like an additional RM10 discount. But you can also help your chosen team by playing participating games, or any games you have that has achievements. At 10AM PDT (1AM the next day, Malaysian time), the team with the highest point wins.

More details on how the Steam Grand Prix works here. The Steam Summer Sale will end on July 9th.