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Take A Look At The Customisation Options In Need For Speed Payback


The big draw for Need For Speed 2015 was the game bringing back visual customisations, a callback to Need For Speed Underground where the game focused in the tuner culture and import cars. Despite a good foundation, the game lacks customisation options, with some cars barely having any parts to customise. Players on the official Reddit even went to create spreadsheets just to see which cars have customisation options.

Payback retains the same system for customisation, but it looks like it finally made more parts available for certain cars. These two videos showcased an unedited footage of pure customisation, so have a glance at how much you can tweak the appearance of the classic Honda NSX and a Volkswagen Bettle.

Need For Speed Payback is out on November 10 for the PS4, PC and Xbox One, though EA Access and Origin Access subscribers can sample the game right now for up to 10 hours of playtime.