Sucker Punch Explains Why Ghost Of Tsushima Has No Lock-On Targeting

Ghost Of Tsushima, the slick open-world samurai game, features sword fighting where you will be more often than not surrounded by enemies, usually the invading Mongol army.

The game doesn’t have a lock-on targeting system, instead relying on players to react against enemies from every angle and control the camera manually.

In an interview with Gamespot, Ghost Of Tsushima narrative director Nate Fox explained that this is by design.

“We tried to give [the Mongols] a feeling of being like a wolf pack that would surround you,” Fox explained.

“And only through skill, could you fend them off as they came at you from all sides. If we had a lock-on you wouldn’t have been able to move as quickly between the different opponents as they came in at you.”

Developers Sucker Punch referenced a lot of samurai cinema as an inspiration for Ghost Of Tsushima. Such films usually have fights where characters fluidly change targets often.

Our review of Ghost Of Tsushima pointed out that combat system is deliberately designed so that you will be easily overwhelmed, require precise inputs to dispatch the foes surrounding you. And this interview has proven that to be true.

If only the camera is smart enough that you don’t have to wiggle the right analog stick too often because a tree is blocking your view.

Ghost Of Tsushima is out now on the PS4.

Source: Gamespot


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