Street Fighter 6 Outlines Post-Launch Updates, Including 4 New Characters In Year 1 DLC

Capcom unveiled more details for its upcoming fighting game in its dedicated Street Fighter Showcase livestream, hosted by Lil’ Wayne fascinatingly enough.

This includes what to expect as far as post-launch updates will include. Capcom is now ready to reveal the four new characters to be added as DLC during Year 1.

For Year 1, each new character drops every new quarter.

Summer 2023 will see Rashid of the turbulent wind, a Street Fighter V debutant and quickly becoming a fan-favourite, arriving on the streets.

Autumn 2023 sees new character A.K.I. making an entrance.

Another SFV debutant will drop by in Winter 2024 by way of fast-punching man Ed.

And lastly, Spring 2024 will see the legendary demon man himself Akuma join the roster.

Street Fighter 6 launches with 18 characters in the base game roster, so it will grow to 22 by this time next year. Having four characters for 1 season is lower than Street Fighter V’s six-fighters-per-season count. But we shall see if the extra time cadence between new character releases works out for the better or not.

Capcom has also revealed that the Battle Hub shop, where you can purchase new cosmetics for your personalised avatar, will see collaboration cosmetics appearing.

Plus, Capcom is also going bigger with the esports scene. Capcom Pro Tour 2023 will be played on Street Fighter 6, and the prize pool is now at $2 million USD, with the winner taking in $1 million.

Street Fighter 6 will hit the streets on June 2 for the PS4, PS5, PC (Steam) and Xbox Series X|S. A demo of Street Fighter 6 is available now on PlayStation.

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