Street Fighter 6 Out Now With No Major Server Issues In Sight

Capcom’s latest entry to its most celebrated, and important, fighting game series Street Fighter 6 is out now.

Touted as the new era of fighting games- this is the first title to release on the next-gen (9th generation) consoles- Street Fighter 6 is built on three core modes.

The classic fighting game content is all housed in Fighting Grounds. There’s also the massively ambitious open-world RPG of a story mode called World Tour. And then there’s Battle Hub, an online lobby where players can hang out in a virtual arcade/game center.

Street Fighter 6 comes with a plethora of options, some more meaty than others, but still impressive in relation to Street Fighter V’s launch. From multiple new control schemes to get new players into fighting games (while still providing all the options a veteran player wanted) to a dynamic commentary system to create that esports tournament feel at home.

SF6 starts with 18 characters playable at launch- eight of them being the world warriors seen in the original Street Fighter II, another 2 the first appeared in Super Street Fighter II and seven new characters making their first appearance. Plus fan-favourite, and now a series staple since her appearance in Street Fighter IV: Juri.

Year 1 of SF6 will see the character roster expanding by four via paid DLC.

Also, a new companion site, Buckler’s Boot Camp, has now launched. The website allows you to check your own and other player’s play data, friends, clubs, leaderborads and other data while you’re not playing Street Fighter 6. In-game events, rewards, updates and other info can be accessed there as well.

There’s also an interesting collab with Onitsuka Tiger where players can unlock free collaboration items with the brand, including new kicks for your player avatar, from now until July 1.

That said, despite all the online components seen here, the game has been holding up well for the most part at launch (only the custom rooms functionality in Fighting Grounds had an issue but has since been resolved). So it’s been a pretty good launch all things considered.

If you’re ready to hit the streets, Street Fighter 6 is out now on PS4, PS5, PC (Steam) and Xbox Series X|S.

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