Steam Summer Sale Begins – Get RM10 Off For Your First Purchase Above RM60

Wallets be crying today. Steam has begun its annual Summer Sale, with various games on the PC games platform getting big discounts.

Any purchase above RM60 and you’ll get RM10 off. This applies to your first purchase only.

Some of the games we would recommend in its discounted are as follows:

In addition, Steam is introducing Steam Points. It’s a loyalty system designed to make you stay in the platform essentially. For each RM23, you’ll get one point, and these are retroactively added too.

The points are used to buy Animated Avatars, Frames, Backgrounds, Badges and Chat items. These are permanently owned (trading isn’t allowed), and the Steam Points themselves will be a permanent addition. So it’s not another event feature.

Steam Summer Sale 2020 ends on July 9, 10AM Pacific (July 10, 1AM Malaysian Time, +8 GMT).


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