Steam Replacing Lunar New Year Sale For Spring Sale In 2023

Steam has announced the three upcoming seasonal sale to hit the PC games platform. And has also announced a change in how major sales will be starting next year.

In 2023, the Steam seasonal sale will be based on the four seasons- spring, summer, autumn and winter.

That means, Steam will be replacing the Lunar New Year Sale in place of Spring Sale, slated for March 16-23, 2023.

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale began in 2016. The Lunar New Year is celebrated in countries in Asia, and the sales highlighted the many games from countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and South Korea.

The reason for the change is to space out the Winter Sale and Lunar New Year Sale. Last year’s Steam Winter Sale was on December 23, 2021 to January 3, 2022 while Lunar New Year Sale this year, the next of the major Steam sales, ran during February 11-15. That’s a 5-week gap.

The gap between the upcoming Steam Winter Sale 2022 (December 22 to January 5) to Spring Sale 2023 will be nine weeks in comparison.

However, we should point out that the upcoming Steam Autumn Sale 2022 (November 22-29) to Steam Winter Sale 2022 is three weeks.

The real problem, we reckon, is that the Lunar New Year sales, which usually begin around late January to early February, are too close after the big Holiday sale, which is a feedback Steam received among publishers.

Steam will still allow publishers to opt into discounts during the Lunar New Year holiday via the custom discounts, but Lunar New Year will no longer be a major Steam sale.

Source: Steam

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