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Steam Intergalactic Summer Sales Begins Today, Includes A Clicker Minigame With A Chance To Win Free Games

From June 21st to July 5th


Wallets of gamers around the world are not feeling so good as the Steam Intergalactic Summer Sales has now begin. Or rather, planets? Unlike the Spring event which focused more on backlog clearing rather than deep discounts, this time it’s all about those sweet, sweet discounts.

Plus, Valve brought back a little game to coincide with the sales- something we last seen back in 2015. It’s a tower defense mini-game where you click opposing aliens to deal damage, then level up your customisable “salien”, then do it enough on each plot of land to conquer the many planets. Interestingly, completing at least once will put you in a chance to earn a free game. The games are themed by the planets, which will rotate in availability throughout the sales period which will end on July 5th. You can view the giveaway games here.

Also, if you want to try your luck, you can also participate in the giveaway by mailing to Valve directly, which will be have a different pool of prize. Instructions can be found here.