Steam Announced Their New Handheld Console, The Steam Deck

Valve is creating another console, this time going towards the currently expanding handheld PC market with their latest creation, The Steam Deck.

The handheld is rocking an AMD Zen 2 APU that’s outfitted with the RDNA 2 graphics chip from them as well. It also boast a 16GB of DDR4 RAM, with the ability to chose your storage capacity from a 64GB eMMC storage or the 256GBs and 512GB SSD Memory Storage.

It also has a 40whr (333.3 mAh for us) battery which can last for 2 to 8 hours of gameplay, according to Valve. With it’s Gyro controls and all, I believe them. It also include a dock if you want to connect it to a monitor or TV.

Pre-orders will start for the Steam Deck in the US, Canada and Europe only starting today with a starting price of USD 399 (1676 MYR) with the 512GB SSD version going for USD649 (around 2726 MYR).

Additional info from: Steam Deck Official webpage.

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