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Southeast Asia’s Top Tekken Players Shine Bright At FV Cup Tanukana Invitationals


The Tekken 7 tournament at FV Cup 2017 was full of surprises. Dubbed the Tanukana Invitationals, which the Queen Of Tekken herself graced her presence to Malaysia and participate, is not part of the Tekken World Tour. But it still managed to bring out 112 participants to take part, with some overseas talent across Southeast Asia, and even as far as Saudi Arabia, joining in too.

With the pools mostly made up of local players, this is the time to shine for the two big Tekken teams in Malaysia: Flash Vision (in which the tournament is organised by) and the up-and-coming Hitbox Gaming Infinite Carnage. While the new team of young talents proved to be a strong force in various tournaments in Malaysia currently, they were unlucky this time. All but one managed to merge out of the pools, even the Malaysian representative to IeSF, Zaba, did not make it through. The only HXI tag barer to reach the top 16 was ZRE.

Team Flash Vision on the other hand had a strong showing. They brought over their new international signings- Book from Thailand and ZF from Singapore- to Malaysia and they showed some strong plays. Book has to be the player of the day, whose Jin was solid throughout the tournament despite losing early on against Saudi Arabia’s Shrimboo in a Jin mirror match. Book also was the one to knock out Tanukana out of her own tournament, after she lost to Malaysia’s Arenz at the Winner’s semi-finals. Not too shabby.

Book’s awesome run from the losers landed him to second place. Meat brought out a controller pad specifically to play Jack-7, and his Jack-7 style of strong pokes and a very aggressive use of the debugger move, plus a crowd cheering on his side gave the Indonesian the edge to emerge champion.

(Twitch clip via Sprout360)

Flash Vision’s 1-2-3-4 finish brought out the top players from four different countries in Southeast Asia. While the top players from the Philippines are still the best in the region, arguably strong enough the strongest players in South Korea, at least we can see that the top players from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore managed to prove their worth.

Congratulations to all the winners, and special thanks to Tanukana for coming to Malaysia.

FV Cup 2017 Tekken 7 Tanukana Invitationals Results:

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  1. VS.AMG | FV Meat
  2. VS.AMG | FV Book
  3. VS.AMG|FV Arenz
  4. VS.AMG | FV ZF
  6. VS.AMG | FV Dallem
  7. Sbyrazor
  8. VS.AMG | FV Fate Q
  9. Koman
  10. Shrimboo
  11. Sora
  12. VS.AMG | FV GTM
  13. AheGAO
  14. HXI | ZRe
  15. Shinato
  16. Zur

(Images via Geek Empire)