Sony Sold 4.5 Million PS5s Last Year

Sony has revealed that they have sold 4.5 million units of the PlayStation 5 since launch and up to December 2020, in their Q3 financial year 2020 report.

This number matched the launch of the PS4, which also sold 4.5 million units during its launch in November 2013 to the year end.

Despite the PS5 being consistently out of stock, or sold in limited stocks around the world, the next-gen console is selling rather well. It goes to show that should Sony was able to have made more PS5s available on launch, the sales number could easily pass PS4’s launch sales.

The financial reports also revealed the Sony is selling the PS5 at a lost. Which is a common practice for selling video game consoles. Economies of scale and sales from video games will cover the costs in the long run.

At least it’s good to see Sony is still doing well in the video games business currently. For them, having PS5s short on supply after sales like this is a good problem to have.

If you’re wondering if the PS5 is worth getting one right now in Malaysia, our latest dia.log – The Gamer Matters Podcast went deep with how the console performs right now for gaming.

via Engadget

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