Shadow Arena, The Battle Royale Game Based On Black Desert, Is Free-To-Play – Out Now On Steam Early Access

Pearl Abyss has launched its new battle royale game, Shadow Arena, on Steam Early Access. The game takes place in the same universe of their popular MMORPG Black Desert- featuring familiar locations and characters- but it’s a standalone title.

For the unitiated, Shadow Arena pits 40 players, into a battlefield where the last person standing wins. Along the way, players can fight mobs, collect loot, gather skill point to get stronger for the many fights you can have in one match.

Pearl Abyss has added a few more things since we took a look at it in closed beta. A new character has been added, Venslar- described as a versatile hero with a balance kit for offence and defence plays. For Black Desert veterans, she has a similar toolkit with that of the Valkyrie class.

Shadow Arena now includes AI matches with varying skill levels for those not ready to face real players just yet. There’s now multiple levels for the Ultimate Skill for each hero, and areas of the map now have monsters of different type and level.

“Shadow Arena is a standalone game that lets our fans experience the Black Desert universe like never before,” said Kwang Sam Kim, the lead producer of Shadow Arena. “During the Early Access period, we’ll continue to listen closely to player feedback and perfect the game for our official launch.”

Shadow Arena is free-to-play, even when it leaves Early Access. But you can buy Hero Skins cosmetics. You can download it here.


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