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See Half-Life: Alyx Being Tested On 8 Different VR Headsets


Half-Life: Alyx had quite the reveal early this month. But it did not appear at The Game Awards as expected. Though we did get some new, off-screen gameplay.

Thanks to the folks at Tested, they have… tested… Half-Life: Alyx for 3-4 hours using 8 different VR setups. The footage only features off-screen gameplay, it’s more to showcase how robust the game is with different VR setups rather than the game itself.

Here are some takeaways from the Tested crew of the game right now:

  • Audio design is good and helps guide where to go
  • Physics are a big part of the game- the gloves can pull items toward you and easily can be grabbed
  • You can grab objects like crates with two hands
  • Art assets are detailed- you can read out the text on the PCB of the gloves
  • Knuckle controller like the Index lets you throw objects just by flicking and opening the palm
  • Free movement with the left stick is still in development- teleportation and quick-turns is still the way to go for now
  • The guns will need to be reloaded differently
  • Full-finger tracking is not essential, so most of the VR controller can work with the game

Here’s the full video:

Half-Life: Alyx is a VR-only game and will be out in March 2020.