Sci-Fi City Builder Industries Of Titan Gets An Early Access Release This April

What if the folks behind Crypt Of The Necrodancer make a city builder? This is what Industries Of Titan is. It’s part city-builder, part strategy game.

You build an industrial city on the surface of Titan, but also need to defend, and attack, rival corporations using ships, tech, influence, or just beat them with your factories’ better supply chain.

Like what you’d expect from a strategy game or a city-builder, Industries Of Titan is real-time with pause.

Also, it has one heck of an aesthetic. Artists Sir Carma and Nick Gunn are paired with music work of Danny Baranowsky. And it certainly stands out. Have a look at this trailer:

Industries Of Titan is releasing on PC in Early Access first, via Epic Games Store, on April 14th.


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