Sailing And Foiling Sim Hydrofoil Generation Now Has A Publisher

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Hydrofoil Generation is an upcoming new game about ship sailing and foiling by developer Jaxx Vane Studio.

Hydrofoil Generation will be published by Hook, the indie publisher label under Digital Bros.

The game is a passion project of Stefano “kunos” Casillo, co-founder of Kunos Simulazioni, the developers behind racing sim Assetto Corsa.

What Assetto Corsa is to car racing, is what Hydrofoil Generation is to the sport of hydrofoil boat racing. This looks to be, or at least aims to be, a proper sim.

“I was amazed the first time I saw hydrofoil boats racing in real life, and I immediately fell in love with the experience”, said Stefano Casillo.

“With my experience working with Assetto Corsa, I wanted to replicate hydrofoil racing in a game for simulation fans to enjoy.”

Also interesting to note that both Hook and Assetto Corsa’s publisher 505 Games are subsidiaries of Digital Bros.

Hydrofoil Generation will see you control these sailing crafts from the first-person, sailing through the waters at speeds over 50kn. The available boats will include the 40ft modern foiling monohull Jx40 and the 50ft modern catamaran Jx50, and there are real regatta fields (“tracks”, essentially). Vessels can be customised and will support multiplayer racing with up to 10 opponents.

Hydrofoil Generation will enter Steam Early Access in early 2023, so expect the game to hit the PC sometime soon.

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