Run A Shop By Day And Run A Rougelite Dungeon By Night In Moonlighter, Out Now


When the times are tough, it’s understandable for people to be moonlighting on the side for extra income. But some people might just be pulling double duties just for the passion. Like Will here, he’s a shopkeeper in the village of Rynoka but by night he sneaks off into the procedural dungeon nearby the village to do a dungeon run.

That’s the premise of Moonlighter, a new action RPG rouge-lite by Digital Sun and published by 11 Bit Studios. Featuring pixel artstyle graphics, it looks like a charming little rouge-lite if you are into that sort of gameplay loop.

The twist here is that you are running a shop, all the loot gathered can be sold and there’s an economic layer to it. Understand the current supply and demand by setting the goods at the right price for the most profits, which will then allows you to craft the best gear to explore deeper in the dungeons.

It is out now on the PS4, PC, and Xbox One with a Nintendo Switch release coming soon. On Steam, it is priced at RM39.

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