Rumours Suggest Ridge Racer 8 Is In The Works As A Switch Exclusive

Riiiiiiiiiiidge Raaaaaaaaceeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr?

The rumour mill is really strong at the moment. New reports appear from the ResetEra forums that a LinkedIn job description from an employee at Bandai Namco Studios Singapore are working on an unannounced FPS IP (which many are speculating to be Metroid Prime 4). But it was the first instance of the name Ridge Racer 8.

Ridge Racer 8 was described as a “drift-based high-speed car racing [game] exclusive to the Nintendo Switch”. The post on LinkedIn has been removed, but YouTuber Doctre81 managed to get the screenshot.

It’s interesting to see a team based in Southeast Asia working another major game, should it be true. The last time we have seen a numbered Ridge Racer was 12 years ago in 2006 to coincide the launch of the PS3. The most recent title, Ridge Racer Unbounded (pictured above albeit with a Ridge Racer Type 4 DLC car), didn’t do as well.

With arcade racers being severely lacking right now, save for Codemasters’ Onrush coming this June, this could be a good time to have one released, and should help bring the momentum of Nintendo’s new console, which has been selling well, even higher. Should it all be true that is.

Source: ResetEra

Via VG 24/7

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